Monday, June 28, 2010

...and Just Like That

Three months have passed and I did not hear anything from him. I knew he wants to be alone and so I did not try to contact him. I had already started my survey and successfully interviewed more than 10 people. Few of them were my friends and few my friend’s friend. Some of my friend thought I am crazy and I was wondering why they noticed it so late. Responses from the people I was interviewing were really good. One fact which I realized during these discussions was that people feel better to talk to a person who hears their problem or pain without providing his/her expert comments and without digging more. I made some good friends during all these stuff. One of them was a nice girl who was my friend’s friend. I found this girl really sensible & mature and she found me very funny (it’s my guess ;). She supported my survey and I was glad that I finally found someone who has respect for my stupid thoughts. We became very good friend in next few days.

When I reached his place I found that nothing has changed inside his room. All the DVDs, cards, pics which she gifted him were at the same places I saw last time. I told him to destroy all those things but he refused. We talked for 3-4 hours and 90% time his talks were related to her. Till the moment I left his place I had become so irritated that I could bang my head on the wall but fortunately I am not stupid enough to do that. But yeah, I am smart enough to do one thing. When I left his place I stole three romantic songs DVDs which she gifted him. One more thing which I had learned from my survey that destroying the old gifts and souvenirs helps in recovery a lot. I gifted those DVDs to my new pretty friend. The DVDs were of highly romantic songs and the girl misunderstood me initially. She said;
“Hey, you are really a nice guy and very good friend of mine. But I cannot think in that direction. I don’t have any feelings for you except friendship. “ is funny. Isn’t it?
I explained her everything and told her my friend’s story. We laughed loudly at this incident. Next time when I visited his place he slapped me really hard. He said “I cannot believe you are trying to steal my memories. I hate you. Get lost.”
I got lost (just for that day)

Some more months passed and I introduced my new friend to my old friend. Somewhere in my heart I wanted something between these two. When I said this to him he gave me an “I will kill you right away” look. In next few meets, they mixed up very nicely. She also convinced him to get rid of all the gifts he got from her ex. I had tried it so many times and he never listened to me. I wondered why guys can be convinced so easily by girls. We started hanging out together and many times we where together I had a Déjà vu feeling…….only the girl was different. His recovery was really good after he met her. Through all this I understood one more fact that only a girl can fulfill the emptiness given by another girl. “God..I am becoming expert in human relations” I thought. Meanwhile my friend has started laughing again but still he was relating most of the discussions to his past which was quite irritating for me but our new friend was supporting him every time.

One day she called me and said what I was expecting to hear “I think I have started feeling for him. I think about him all the time.”
“So what do I do? Go and tell him” I said
I am afraid. Why don’t you ask him what he feels for me?
“I don’t have time for all this crap. My friends are waiting for me in a pub. Nothing is important than beer”. I hung up and smiled. Things were going in the same direction I expected. She was the perfect match for him.

One day I called him at 11.30 in night and his phone was busy. Out of curiosity I called her and her phone was also busy. After that I tried it many times and results were same. Neither of the two ever complained why I do so.

He met me in the same old park. He was looking worried.
‘She proposed me”
I looked at his face and said “so?” I pretended to be careless about it.
“You know everything. I am not ready for all this again” He replied.
Then say no.
I can’t. I mean I can’t say no directly. She is a nice girl. She has become my best friend. She listens to all my crap without saying anything. (Dammmmm. I did the same thing for even longer period but I am sure he never noticed that) She is helping me in getting back to life. I can’t hurt her.

He kept speaking good thing about her. I could have taken a nap. I knew he has started feeling for her but he is not going to admit it so easily or probably he don’t even know that. When he finished his essay he looked at me expecting to hear something and I said:

“I always thought I am your best friend”

He was irritated coz I was not trying to understand him and he was very right. As soon as he left the place I received call from her. She was sounding happy. She told me that he is not ready yet and he will take some time. I knew she is right.

And just like that another story was going to reach at happy ending.

I was about to move from the place and my phone rang. It was a call from an unknown number. I picked up the call. Though I was hearing her voice after a long time but I recognized it

“Its been long. Just wanted to know how you guys doing? I cannot call him so called you. How is he? Does he talk about me? Does he count me among the worst person he met in his life? Is he seeing someone? Does he miss me?

She wanted to ask so many questions and I knew the answer of all of them but I was not interested in telling. Some questions need to be unanswered. I cut the phone. As I turned, I saw the same old board. Some interesting person has removed the word “NO”. It was now saying “Thank you for smoking”.

I had left smoking. I smiled.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Just Like That

I would not say that he is my best friend but he has always been among my closest ones. He is more important to me as compared to other friends because he is among very few people to whom I discuss my problems. Our friendship is many years old and we know each other’s strengths and weaknesses. We have so many friends in common but whenever we need to share something important we meet alone. He is a simple guy, away from the politics of this world, calm, sensitive and pure from heart. One major difference between us is that I have never been much interested in love stories and he is a firm believer in love at first sight. I remember that he used to tell me that someone somewhere is made for you and the day she will meet you, your world will change. I always laughed on all this crap.

It was chilling evening of November when he introduced me to a pretty girl. We went for a coffee and the moment I was sipping my hot coffee I saw them lost in each other’s eyes. She was smiling and I knew that my boy has found his love. While we three were walking back from coffee shop, it was only me who was speaking. While I was telling her some funny story my dear friend was staring at her like an Alzheimer’s patient. She caught him many times staring at her and every time they exchanged a gaze, she smiled. After many minutes and many sentences I found that no one is interested in my story. After two months I witnessed the moment when he proposed her. I don’t know why but he wanted to propose her in front of me and he did that. Probably he wanted someone to take care of him if the girl says no. I did not get chance to know whether my guess is right or wrong because she immediately said yes and told that she was eagerly waiting for this day to come. I was the third happiest person on the earth at that moment.

Years passed and their love grew with every single passing day. The intensity of our friendship wasn’t affected by their relation though we were spending comparatively less time with each other now. One day he called me up and when I asked about her he told me that everything is going perfect and they have started making future plans as well. Apart from convincing their families and marriage time, their future plans also included the name of their kids. I laughed loudly; these romantic people are so funny. He was really happy that day.

Few more months passed. I was busy in my new job and we had not talked for quite a long time but I was too busy to think about him. One day I found him standing in front of my door. He was looking pale and I knew he has some bad news to tell.

“Her family is against our marriage. They are marrying her to someone else.” He said in slow and heavy voice. “She is broken. They are doing it forcefully. They are emotionally blackmailing her.” He wanted to tell me so many things in few seconds.

After hearing the story I said to him “call her and tell her that we are coming to take her”
No. He replied.

Why not? Are you afraid of anything?
No. I have already told her what you want to me to tell her. I am ready to do anything but I don’t want to force her. I don’t want to convince her for this yes. If I love her truly she will come back.

“What if she doesn’t come back?” I asked
“Sill will come” He replied.

I could see a hope in his empty eyes. I knew that he wanted to prove his love in his own heart. I knew he is waiting and I prayed God that she comes back.

She did not.
Our friendship had completed one circle. We started with each other and there we were: the two of us”.

We were sitting in the park. I was smoking and a board just in front of me was saying “Thank you for no smoking”. Sometimes, situations throw jokes on us when we don’t need them. Still I manage to smile.

“ what?” I asked.
“Need some time to rethink about my life. I have lost myself, I need to find me.” He replied

I had seen this guy falling deeply in love. I knew he was in great pain. I saw his face and I realized why I am scared of emotional people.


“I don’t know why she did this” I said.
We don’t know her side of story completely and so we should not comment. I just know few things. She loved me but I was not the top of her priority list and there is nothing wrong in that. I would be all right in some time. This time may be years. I believe in God. He has answers for all the questions. I know he will give me the answer.

This is about future…what about today.
It’s hurting…badly

He stood up and left. I have felt the emptiness in his heart. I thanked God that he did not make me too emotional. I have always been careless and I love the way I am. At least I don’t give people any chance to hurt me. I wanted to see how things will go now. I always wanted to do a survey on the average time taken to return in normal life after a break-up, especially for guys. I knew I will do it now. I lit another cigarette. The board was still saying “Thank you for no smoking”. I smiled. Howsoever bad the situation is; a joke is always welcomed.

To be continued…