Sunday, October 25, 2009


Every story, whether it is long or short, good or bad has an end. Important factor is that, how it ends. Fortunately, I have lot of friends, all of them having different characters and different way of thinking. More importantly, I got chance to be the evidence of many love relations of many of my friends.

Those who got a chance to be in love know that it is a beautiful feeling which can not be expressed in words. But many of the love relations have a serious negative outcome which is called “BREAK-UP”.

Break-up Type I- Male driven break-up: I am starting with this kind of break-up because this has been the most dominating since past especially in Tier II and Tier III cities. Guy starts the relation as a time pass element and girl (mostly simple girls of middle or lower middle class) becomes too senti. Girl starts thinking about the name of their unborn kids. But suddenly guy starts feeling that “yaar ye to chipak gayi hai”. OR he gets a better looking girl. BREAK-UP. Poor girl cry a lot and for really long time. She calls up the guy many times and asks “what wrong did I do”. Well, you did not do anything wrong, rather you did the right thing with a wrong guy. In simple words, he is BA*T*RD and does not deserve to be with you.

Break-up Type II- Female driven break-up: CAGR of this type of break-up has been around 20% in last 5 years. Future market is also very promising. Mostly happens when a smart, Tier I city girl gets involve with a simple guy. The guy goes to pick the girl every day from her coaching, driving 20 k.m. on his bike. One day when he reaches the coaching, he sees the girl moving away with a guy having car or at least better looking bike. BREAK-UP. This time guy cries a lot (mostly when he is drunk). In many cases, guy calls up the girt and tells her that he will kill her. He he he, boss, you are not going to do anything like this. If you really want to do something, find a right girl for you

Break-up Type III- Selection driven break-up: Both love each other but the problem is that they are not compatible. Problem starts when no one is ready to compromise. Fir kya….Roj roj ke jhagde. Some examples:
“See, I don’t like you talking to guys, have you ever seen me talking to other girls” ( hmmm over possessive)
“Ofcourse I love you but this is very good opportunity for my professional life…cant you wait for few more years” (The sensitive and the ambitious)
“Nooo I don’t talk to her now. She was my past. (Shak…what the F**K)
In such kind of break-up, they unite many times after saying “Its over” but ultimately they separate.
Compromise is an important part of relation. Words like perfect match do not exist, perfect relation does.

Break-up Type IV- Destiny driven break-up: We were the perfect match but…..
Whenever I think about love relation, I consider 4 factors which make the relation successful. Love, respect, understanding and compatibility. This couple has it all but there are some other things which affect a relation. In most of the cases this thing is “parents”.
They always had an option to run away but somehow they could not do it. Some experts (including me) don’t like to use the word break-up for such kind of end but that does not matter.
Life of both ends becomes difficult and only time heals the pain. Although, in their hearts, the relation lives forever.
“Hum dil de chuke sanam” and “Rab ne bana di jodi” becomes their favorite movie because they try to relate them selves with the characters.

What ever is the kind of break-up, life becomes difficult for some time (unless you have advance degree in flirting). Jagjit Singh suddenly becomes the favorite singer and watching space becomes favorite sport. Public gatherings become torture and many of friends become enemies. Many of the acquaintances (some friends also) make fun of their break-up and feel like winner. “Dekha….maine kaha tha unka relation nahi chalega”
Some friends, who understand the situation, become close during this time. Most among these friends (the intellectual or nice ones) do not speak much, they just hear. Some speak also: “Dood I understand you. When I broke-up with my girl, I did not eat for 10 days”.

I feel that life always gives you some reasons to restart. Bad things come and go in life and the only thing which remains forever is “Memories”. You will always find a reason to smile if you want to. One of my favorite lines says that: