Monday, August 23, 2010

Love Story of a Dog

I don’t remember my date of birth. I don’t remember where I was born. The first thing which I remember about myself is that they were saying I am cute. I was of about 15 days then. I wasn’t even able to walk properly. When I entered in the house I knew my life is going to be special. Now, I am around 10 years old and I know that the end is near. My name is Bruno. I am a brown Labrador and this is my story.

I have a beautiful family. Mom, dad and Divya, my sis. They all love me. Divya is the only daughter of my parents. She loves me more than anyone else in this world. Whenever she is at home she spends most of the time with me. She talks to me a lot but unfortunately I could never understand most of the things she speaks. Although I always pretend that I understand her. That gives us happiness, I guess. Somehow I have understood the meaning of some words like “sit down” “shut up” “get out” etc. I know, I am not supposed to understand more than these words in this life.

I remember one day Divya was telling me something and she was looking very happy. She was pulling my both ears with excitement. It was hurting but I did not want to interrupt her. I feel good when I see my family happy. After talking to me for long, Divya showed me a picture of hers with a male human. They were very close to each other in the pic. I recognized the guy in the picture. He was the same who comes to home with Divya quite often, mostly when mom and dad are not at home. Whenever he comes, Divya spends all the time with him. I hate this guy. Probably, Divya is in love with this guy. I wasn’t able to understand Divya’s feeling at that time but I was going to understand it very soon.

I was sitting on the grass of our lawn when I saw her for the first time. She was standing just outside our main door. She had put her leg between the two iron bars of our main gate and was trying to pull a piece of bread which I had left just inside the door. As soon as I saw her I barked and ran towards her. I do that every time when I see a street dog. When she saw me coming, she pulled her leg back from between the bars and stepped back. I smiled coz I did not let her take the bread. I looked at her with a winning smile and suddenly everything got changed. She was clean unlike other street dogs. She was white with black patches. She was figure I guess. But the best part was her blue eyes, just like Aish’s (I have seen some of Aish’s movie with Divya). She was one feet away from me, just outside our main door. I had seen a female of my species so close to me for the first time. I was lost. Suddenly she turned back and disappeared.

I spent rest of the day thinking about her. I don’t know what has happened to me. I was feeling bad for not letting her take the bread. I had screwed my chance to make a girlfriend. Next day, I intentionally left a piece of bread on the main door and waited for her for really long. She didn’t come. Four days passed and I was leaving breads everyday but she did not appear. I thought I would never be able to see her but then one day I saw her standing at some distance and finding something (probably food) from the garbage. I saw her moving towards our house. “Damn…she is beautiful” I thought. The piece of bread was lying near the door. I pushed it closer to the door and came inside the house. Actually, I was hiding behind the wall to see her. She came waited for really long before coming near to gate. She wanted to check that it is not a trap. She easily got the bread and ate. I felt good, don’t know why.

That day onwards I was doing that every day. Leaving bread near the door exactly at the same time when she comes and then sit quietly on lawn to wait for her. Somehow, I had managed to give her confidence that I am not an enemy. Now she used to take the bread even when I am in lawn and watching her. Mom, dad and Divya were wondering why I am spending so much time outside the house. I guess they were thinking that I have become more sincere towards the security of our house now.

Before all this stuff, I used to hate those romantic movies which Divya watched before going to sleep. Now days, I was loving those movies. Things were progressing and she was not at all afraid of me now. She had understood that I am a friend. So far I never went close to her while she is eating the bread. I used to roam around the lawn area while she is eating the bread, ignoring her completely. Style…you know.

One day I was intentionally standing near the gate while she was coming to take her daily meal. She saw me standing there and she stopped. “I immediately turned back and came inside the house. I will have to wait few more days” I thought.

And then came that day, I was sitting just near the door and she came. She saw me, waited for few seconds and then moved her leg inside to take the bread. I remain still like dead. I did not want to lose this chance by scaring her. She saw me staring at her. Things progressed from there and we started talking. Every afternoon she used to come and we had long talks. One day, I saw some dogs following her on streets…son of a bitch.
I was jealous.

I was sure she likes me too and why not…I am good looking, rich, and a top breed. Meanwhile, Divya had seen us with each other few times but she didn’t say anything. One day when we were together she came towards us and asked me to come in. I obeyed. Family..u know.
Divya spoke to me for very long. Probably Divya was trying to say that that she did not like that street dog. Well, even I don’t like her boy friend and what a big deal if she is a street dog. Love stories don’t see rich and poor. Divya has seen Titanic but still she don’t understand. I did not stop leaving breads and she did not stop coming. Rather Divya stopped bothering me. True love wins, u see.

She had become bit fat now coz her lunch bread were increasing in number. I did not care coz love doesn’t depend on physical beauty.

One summer afternoon, I was watching her eating breads. Suddenly she bent her body in a strange way and slipped inside the door. I always wondered why there was a half feet space between the door and ground. Now, I had understood that was God’s vision. This was the first time we were so close to each other and there were no stupid iron bars between us. I took her to the area behind parking and guess what…..we made love. We made love like dogs.

From that day onwards we did that every time we got the opportunity. I love summer afternoon coz everyone prefers to be inside house. Life was perfect.

Even mom and dad have seen me giving bread pieces to her but they never said anything. Things moved nicely for next few months and one day I noticed that she is pregnant. I would become father in less than 2 months. I was the happiest dog on the earth that day. But everything has an end, isn’t it?

Next one month was normal. Things were moving as earlier and then she started looking ill. One day she came and stayed very long. She was looking very tired. When she left I saw her going away until she disappeared. That was the last day I saw her.

I waited for many days but she didn’t come. I knew something wrong has happened. I was sad and unfortunately I was not able to share it with someone. Divya has probably understood. She talked to me many times though I could never understand what she is trying to say. Being a dog sometimes sucks. Well…can’t help it.
I was still spending most of the time in lawn waiting for her. I was still leaving bread pieces at door. Many times I imagined her standing outside the door. I was sad and I thought my love story has reached to an end. I was wrong to some extent.

One day I saw a very young dog across the street. He was brown with white patches on him. He was looking different from other street dogs. Muscular body, broad head, long ears. He was hardly one month old and he was barking at a cow, 100 times bigger than him. I smiled.

Years have passed but I still remember everything about her. Those days were amazing. I don’t have anything to regret coz being a dog I couldn’t expect a better life. I got a great family, I never had to sleep without food and above all I have someone of my type to think about. Now, I am an old dog. I am not able to walk very long and my eyesight has become very week. I am lucky that I still have my family support with me. Divya has got married to the same guy. She comes home quite often. Mom, dad still loves me a lot.

[This story is not complete fiction. I have heard many stories of Bruno from his sis (and my close friend) and I have compiled those stories in this post.]